Split Sessions 2012

by Slash Dementia

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Tracks 1-5 taken from the split with Zombie Raiders
Tracks 6-10 taken from the split with Agamenon Project

Splits will be released later in various forms. You can think this as one release as well.


released September 4, 2012

Recorded at our rehearsal hellhole in August 2012
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Konsta Vehkala

Guest vocals in "Stench of Lies" by Necroelvis

All lyrics by Lassi Pollari
Except "Stench of Lies" by Lassi & Necroelvis
Songs 1, 5, 6, 9 & 10 by Otto Lemetyinen
Song 3 by Otto Lemetyinen & Erkki Hasseldorf
Songs 4, 7 & 8 by Lassi Pollari




Slash Dementia Finland

Slash Dementia is a four-piece grindcore act from Äänekoski, Finland. The band was formed during the hot summer of 2010 since that it has released one full length and one EP.

Lassi Pollari - Vox & chainsaw
Otto Lemetyinen - Six-string mutilation & backing vox
Henri Rahm - Supersonic distortion & backing vox
Konsta Vehkala - Battering ram
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Track Name: Umpikuja
Pankkilainoista velkavankeus
Velkavankeudesta masennus
Masennuksesta umpikujaan
Umpikujasta helpotukseen

Niin viettelevä kahva veitsen
Niin lämmin kädensija aseen
En jätä teitä, en lähde täältä yksin
Ehkä rakastan teitä liikaa

Oli tehtävä suuri päätös
Jätän kaikki oman käden kautta
Otan teidät mukaan
Ettei jäisi anteeksipyydettävää

En tunne mitään
En koskaan enää
Track Name: Illness
All my dreams
Torture me
Shut my brain
Make it stop

The slowly growing illness
Destroying my mind
At least that's what they're saying
They try to medicate me
Destroying my mind
But it just makes it worse
Track Name: Medicine
As the sickness catches your body or mind
There is always a cure close at hand
A wonderful chemistry and a new pill
But only if you have the cash

And the industry hails you
As you keep on piling the drugs
But the industry fails you
As you get sicker and sicker and sicker
Track Name: Violence, Act VI
Sandblasting the face
Peeling off all the skin
Cutting the ears
Smashing the nose
Tasting the blood again

True fucking violence
Hell fucking yes
Track Name: Stench of Lies
It starts with i
For intelligence: the advantage of man
Then c
For the charismatic cheaters we choose to lead
Their hollow promises and bullshit get the votes

The ability to think
Is the only thing
That separates us from the (fucking) animals
Feel free to use your brain and mind

They spend their lives
Telling lies to the public ready to buy
The speech about peace, anything the people need
Their hollow promises and bullshit get the votes

Reality arise!
Stench of lies!
Track Name: Psychopath Leaders
When will it end?
Electing the same mentally unstable leaders again
The parliaments full of psychopath fools
Ready to fill all the asylum rooms

Of course the power messes up their heads
The greed and the need to control everything
Responsibility is just a word
In the future the staightjackets will be their suits
Track Name: Vainoharhaa
Osaamme puhua viisaita sanoja
Ja syödä ne sitäkin paremmin
Mikään ei koskaan tarkoita mitään
Ja kaikelle on lyöty hinta

Ihmiskunnan vainoharhaa
Että pitäisi aina kasvaa
Ihmiskunnan vainoharhaa
Jotta olisi enemmän
Ihmiskunnan vainoharhaa
Että pitäisi aina voittaa
Ihmiskunnan vainoharhaa
Voi vittu mitä paskaa
Track Name: Sotatila
Ei kai kukaan luule olevansa turvassa?

Joku kaatuu taas ja vaaditaan
Selityksiä kuolemaan
Unohtuu totuus, unohtuu faktat
Vittu, mehän ollaan sotatilassa

Kai niidenkin on pakko tietää
Kai kuolla voi kun luodit lentää

Ei kai kukaan luule olevansa kuolematon?
Track Name: How I Learned to Stop Worrying
With all these pointless wars
And raping of the earth
In search of endless growth and wealth
I've started thinking now
There's not much worth of saving
It really seems that we are going to hell anyway

Today I learned to stop worrying
I saw the world in a different light
That light it burned like fire
Fueled by the mankind's ignorance

When I'm watching the news
Or just reading a paper
All I think about is
What the fuck is going on
Track Name: Night of the Living Dead
Six feet under and alive
Rise from the grave and walk the night

They have a hunger for gore
They're gonna rip out your balls
They have a hunger for more
They will eat you

Motherfucking zombies come
Come through the windows and through walls
Feast on the flesh of your loose head
This is the night of the living dead