Symptoms Are​.​.​.

by Slash Dementia

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released August 11, 2010

Recorded at ViiksiVallu Studios in August 2010
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Konsta Vehkala

Covers by Konsta
Cheers to the people in the pictures, you know who you are

Lassi Pollari - Vocals & Guitar
Henri Rahm - Bass & Vocals
Konsta Vehkala - Drums




Slash Dementia Finland

Slash Dementia is a four-piece grindcore act from Äänekoski, Finland. The band was formed during the hot summer of 2010 since that it has released one full length and one EP.

Lassi Pollari - Vox & chainsaw
Otto Lemetyinen - Six-string mutilation & backing vox
Henri Rahm - Supersonic distortion & backing vox
Konsta Vehkala - Battering ram
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Track Name: Black Waltz For The Stupid Ones
Black waltz for the stupid ones
The ones who live their lives
Without a single thought about anything
What’s going on in this world

Their plastic values and small minds
Fashion controls their shitty lives

3rd world or poverty
They’ve never even heard about
‘Cos everything they care of
Is what shoes they’re gonna wear
Track Name: Goathorn Hallucination
I awake from a dream to the sound of a thousand goat horns
Just to find myself in another dream of colors and shapes
Not from this world but of cosmic qualities and proportions
And they melt through space and into the walls

"Hallucinations are coming again
They won't leave me alone"

The I fall from a star into the pit of deformed little reptiles
As I try to climb they are eating my soul
Track Name: Symptoms
Symptoms are
There’s too much hate
Symptoms are
And war and pain
Symptoms are
But now it’s just too late

Symptoms are
The lies and greed
Symptoms are
They make enemies
Symptoms are
Of everyone they see
Track Name: Mechanics of War
It takes a closed mind, intolerance and greed
And don’t forget the selfishness and stupidity
Then off to somewhere to cause death and destruction
No wonder many do condemn all those actions

A fear of any different culture than their own
In many cases also oil and piles of gold
Religion in the name of Jesus or Allah
Reasons good enough to spend all their dollars

Seems like there never will be peace
In western world or middle-east

If all that money would be spent in something else
In public health care, helping poor and charity
This world might just be easy to live in
Now it sickens that I am a part of this race
Track Name: Violence, Act One
Beat your wife and beat your kids
You’re nothing but a sack of shit
Beat ‘em good and then hear this
You are not worthy of a piss

Fucking yes!
Track Name: The Basics
All you need is a name and some members
And a place to make noise and create
A nihilistic approach towards everything
You won’t be inventing anything new

You’ll need a singer whos loud and has iron lungs
A throat of sandpaper sure is a bonus
A drummer with a fury of a rabid monkey
And distortion in everything else

The basics of grind-punking hardcore are listed in here
So take my word and you’ll succeed

Don’t forget to downtune your guitars
And you don’t have to worry about the riffs or breakdowns
‘Cos you will probably just try to copy them
From Skitsystem, Nasum or Rotten Sound

Never spend too much time on the songwriting
It is not rocket science or anything
And the lyrics can be whatever comes in mind
‘Cos no one will listen to them anyway
Track Name: Sciencs Is Superior
Science has solved so many questions
About the world and the universe
But yet you live like its still dark age

Hear the words of truth
I wanna liberate you from your God delusion
Take good hard look on the evidence

Superior to every fucking supernatural explanation
And deities
An ancient way of explaining the world
But don't you think you should know better?"

Can't you see that the proof is everywhere
In the ground, in the space and in the sea
But you ignore it motherfucker

Hear the words of truth
I wanna liberate you from your God delusion
Take good hard look on the evidence