Wheels of Babylon

by Slash Dementia

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The brand new EP of Slash Dementia! Coverart will follow soon. This one will be released by Torn Flesh Netlabel later as well. Download and let the noise fill your speakers!

Check out our making of videos:
Part 1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCVUmkARBKY
Part 2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gzC0AycS5I


released January 1, 2012

Recorded at our stinking and overflooding rehearsal space during the black christmas of 2011
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Konsta Vehkala

All lyrics by Lassi Pollari
Songs 1,5 & 8 by Lassi Pollari
2,3 & 7 by Konsta Vehkala
4 & 6 by Otto Lemetyinen

Thanks to:
Our friends, families and loved ones. All the GCF bands, local bands, Torn Flesh Netlabel, the bands that have influenced us and who we have ripped off.

Lassi Pollari - Throat & Chainsaw
Otto Lemetyinen - 6 string mutilation & 1000Hz screaming
Henri Rahm - Supersonic distortion & backing vocals
Konsta Vehkala - Battering ram




Slash Dementia Finland

Slash Dementia is a four-piece grindcore act from Äänekoski, Finland. The band was formed during the hot summer of 2010 since that it has released one full length and one EP.

Lassi Pollari - Vox & chainsaw
Otto Lemetyinen - Six-string mutilation & backing vox
Henri Rahm - Supersonic distortion & backing vox
Konsta Vehkala - Battering ram
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Track Name: Violence, Act 5
Hammer in his hand
He breaks the human skulls
Decapitation follows
Finally he drinks all their blood

Brutal violence!
Fucking yes!
Oh, sweet violence!
Track Name: Wheels
Those walls seem like they’re falling over
But yet you keep on coming back

Back in routine again
Always the same old, always the same
The Babylon’s wheels are gonna make you break

So quit, you fucking piece of shit
And make your life worth living here
Track Name: Vääjäämättömään itsemurhaan
Roskaruokaa ja pillereitä
Se länsimainen maailmankuva
Hyvinvointi on illuusio
Työtä tee tai kuole pois
Minä hetkenä kaikki meni pieleen?
Missä vaiheessa sairastuimme?
Ahneuteen, rahan valtaan
Materiaan, tuotemerkkiin
Ja TVstä seuraamme kuinka me kuljemme
Vääjäämättömään itsemurhaan
Track Name: Not Too Hard
Six strings and an ugly face
Ten more with so much hair
The fucking drums pound through your head
So watch the show

It’s not too hard
Just making noise and having fun
That’s where you start
It’s not too hard
Distorted riffs and primal rage
D-beat or blast
Track Name: Start Breathing
Trusting in faith
In God or in money
Needless to say
They are drunk with their power
Endless crusades
In the name of the saviour
And what did they gain?
A lifetime in chains

Afraid of all decisions you’d have to make yourself
Afraid to have the normal responsibilities
Afraid of life
Afraid of death
Afraid of everything
Is it really the fear of God or just the fear to breathe on your own? 
‘Cos we start breathing when we stop believing
We start breathing when we stop believing
We start breathing when we stop believing
Track Name: Break Away
Dark desert
Heavy tripping
Need to get away
From the chains of life

When the life is pain for me
When the life is pain for you
Let us break away
Away from the rat-race

Train moving
Lucid dreaming
Going somewhere far
Where we can be free
Track Name: Valheet
Pidä sydämesi kiinni
Älä päästä sanojasi saastuttamaan
Sulje petollinen suusi
Siellä valheet odottavat hetkeään
Sinun kauttasi opin kuinka vihataan
Sinun kauttasi opin kuinka kaadutaan
Etkö muista kuinka pyysin
Älä luule olevasi oikeassa
Nyt puren hampaitani yhteen
Käsi nyrkkiin puristuu ja huudan taas

En kestä kuunnella paskaa
Jota suustasi löyhkäten valuu taas
Track Name: Do It Again
Have you done as I said?
And how many have you raped?
Have you pleased your God again?

Victims of your molestation will never be the same
But church and state will understand
Come on and do it again!

You say it’s not your fault
It is me who commands your cock
Which you use to ruin their lives

You should do it
Church and state will understand
You should do it
We really need another rape
I think you should violate another human body
Yes I think you should do it
Yes I think you should do it
Yes I think you should violate another sacred human body