Race Against The Machine

by Slash Dementia

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released June 14, 2011

Recorded in May 2011 at our stinking rehearsal space at Nuorisokeskus Spotti
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Konsta Vehkala

Cover art & logo by Jussi Pohjanen

Slash Dementia are:
Vox & Chainsaw: Lassi Pollari
6 string mutilation & backing vox: Otto Lemetyinen
Supersonic distortion & backing vox: Henri Rahm
Battering ram: Konsta Vehkala
Guest appearances:
Mikko Nurmi - Lead vocals on track 13  and random backing growls
Miika Vainio - Random backing vocals
(Ville Koskivaara - Shriek of a little girl)
Thanks & X! to:
Friends, families and loved ones. Cut to Fit, Nistikko (and especially Jussi for the cover and the logo! X!), Spawn from Deceit, Feastem, Famine Year, 3AK and all the bands and dudes at Grindcore Finland, all our other bands and every little fucker we have forgot or who should have been mentioned but the space is limited and no one wants to read endless lists of ass licking. Which reminds me; thanks to George A. Romero, Julian Assange and every band we have ripped off.
This record is dedicated to the memory of Seth Putnam (1968-2011) who's a fucking gay and should have suffered a more painful death.

Bonus live tracks recorded live @ Pub Katse, Jyväskylä, Finland 12.3.2011. Recorded to minidisc, then mastered afterwards. Cheers to the live sound engineer!




Slash Dementia Finland

Slash Dementia is a four-piece grindcore act from Äänekoski, Finland. The band was formed during the hot summer of 2010 since that it has released one full length and one EP.

Lassi Pollari - Vox & chainsaw
Otto Lemetyinen - Six-string mutilation & backing vox
Henri Rahm - Supersonic distortion & backing vox
Konsta Vehkala - Battering ram
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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Whore
Beaten senseless by the madness
Raising taxes for their paychecks
Strangled by the media
And enterntainment for the masses
Take this propaganda pill
And swallow with a glass of cyanide

Society is a dying whore
On stupidity’s killing floor
Society is a dying whore
Track Name: Tuhottu
Tulevaisuus jonka piti mennä hyvin
Kylmänä ruumiina makaa sikin sokin
Kaikki on vastuussa, kukaan ei vaan opi
Ainoa maapallo tuhottuna huutaa:

Saitte kaiken liian aikaisin

Seitsemän miljardin idiootin lauma
Raiskaa kaiken, oli sota taikka rauha
Läntinen maailma on lähinnä vain vitsi
Ihminen vain jos on kaulassasi risti

Jeesus kyllä teidät pelastaa
Track Name: Race Against The Machine
Waiting for a mental breakdown
While sitting in my office room
Ready to take my machete
And really go berserk

Profits and money are messing my reality
It's an all-out war, a race against the machine

Every morning the same thing
Feeling useless, feeling bored
But now I brought amusement
My AK-47

I will kill you all
Track Name: Bow Down and Pray
I dream of a world free of religion's effects
The oppression and the guilt that faith does create

Take a moment and just look at what is wrong with you
One God, one faith, one jury

And then they just tell you it's what God told them to do
The depression and the wars and the shit hit the fan

Take a moment and just look at what is wrong with you
One God, one faith, one jury
Inquisition, persecution they are nothing new
And at the end of the day you bow down and pray

"Now take a moment and just look at you
Every fucking one of you
Think of all the shit you've been causing
Through centuries and today
The wars, the inquisition
Discrimination based on your religious views
And don't even try to tell me religion is for peace
Because it's not
And even in the 21th century it justifies killing a man"
Track Name: Palava katse
Siellä rivissä palvovat Suomen leijonaa
Älä kulje vastavirtaan, mukaan vaan!
Vanno vala, anna lupaus palvella
Maatasi puolustaa

Kun on kourassa tappava ase
Niin on silmissä palava katse
Tahto painaa liipaisinta
Nähdäkseen verta ja lihaa

En suostu koskaan taipumaan
Ei en milloinkaan
Track Name: Hate
This is the song for hatred
Towards the things we all hate
The goddamn politics
And everything we always tend to blame on society
So hear me out now
Here we go
One, two, three, four
I hate wars, I hate lies, I hate everything
And even more I hate myself
I hate God, I hate you, I hate anything
And most of all I hate this song

These are the things we all hate
The goddamn politics
And everything we always tend to blame on society
So hear me out now
Track Name: Violence, Act Three
Breaking faces with bare fists
Or maybe with an axe
And all of the bones in their legs too
This is violence!
Fucking yes!
Track Name: Release
They tied us down
The politicians with their rules
But we can rise
And take the power back again

Break from the chains and let the new born freedom reign
Release, release now all your hate
Break from the chains and fight the rules, don’t obey
Don’t hesitate

Right from the streets
The revolution will prevail
And we will rise
Take power to the people now
Track Name: Violence, Act Four
Fucking yes!

Total violence
Fucking yes!
Track Name: People Die
You just don’t get it right
The death is certain where the nations fight
And what’s the point in the search for peace
If you’re only going to hate everyone
And every time you talk about the victims
You try to find the guilty ones
But you forget about the plain fact
The only guilty is the war
Seems like you just can’t handle the truth
Even our own soldiers are not bulletproof
And there is one thing you should know
People die when the bullets start to fly
Track Name: Mute, Blind and Deaf
If you happen to see a murder
If you happen to hear of war crimes
Do you tell all the world?
Or do you just wait in silence like nothing has happened?

Bow down or shout out
This is the time to decide what is right
And Julian Assange should be awarded a Nobel

There are ways to expose the evil
All that shit going down around the world
If you keep being silent
It's not a way to change or make anything better

Mute, blind and deaf
Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing
Mute, blind and deaf
You'll always be
Track Name: Rabies Babies
Eating it’s way out
From the rotten womb
It’s a little zombie
With a fucking killing attitude
Infecting everyone
He wants to bite
Soon they are everywhere
No-one will be safe
The human flesh is all they need
But there’s a way to stop their raging killing spree
With a shotgun blast into the head
Or smash it with a baseball bat
The rabies babies, here they come
Begging for mercy
They don’t understand
It is no wonder
It has yet to even learned to speak
Track Name: Rajat kiinni
Nyt kansa on puhunut
Ja se tahtoo asioiden muuttuvan
Miksi juuri tähän suuntaan?
Vitun pellet, vitun ksenofobia
Viha nostaa päätään, se hallitsee
Ja pelko kahlitsee
Rajat kiinni
Suljetaan Suomi
Kyllä ongelmat ratkeaa
Nyt kansa on päättänyt
On päästävä irti Euroopasta
Mutta kuka muka väittää
Että kansallinen itsetunto euron myötä häviää
Track Name: Living Dead Meat
Are you afraid of what you saw my friend?
Zombie, aargh!
You’re gonna die, I am a living dead

That’s right, I’m alive
I’m alive and you cannot hide
That’s right, I’m alive
And I’m going to make you die

And if you even thought that you could run
Blood and gore!
You were wrong, there’s zombies everywhere

Now you’re nothing but a pile of bones
Pool of blood!
This graveyard’s held by the horde of the living dead meat
Track Name: Paranoid
I feel like everybody is always watching me
The penetrating stares which I cannot see
I take a look on the right
I take a look on the left
The shadows everywhere
Oh, this can’t be real
This madness taking over
This growing paranoia
Watching my every move
Like in the Nineteen Eighty-Four
The medication never seems to work out right
Dark figures in the corners of my tired eyes
I take a look on the right
I take a look on the left
The god damn government
Making me insane