Zombie Politics

by Slash Dementia

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Preview single for the upcoming full length album. All these three songs are demo versions.


released December 24, 2010

Recorded at our rehearsal place in christmas 2010.
Recorded/mixed/mastered by Konsta Vehkala

Cover art stolen from the internet, sorry

Lassi Pollari - Vocals & Guitar
Otto Lemetyinen - Guitar
Henri Rahm - Bass & Vocals
Konsta Vehkala - Drums




Slash Dementia Finland

Slash Dementia is a four-piece grindcore act from Äänekoski, Finland. The band was formed during the hot summer of 2010 since that it has released one full length and one EP.

Lassi Pollari - Vox & chainsaw
Otto Lemetyinen - Six-string mutilation & backing vox
Henri Rahm - Supersonic distortion & backing vox
Konsta Vehkala - Battering ram
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Track Name: Bow Down And Pray
I dream of a world free of religion's effects
The oppression and the guilt that faith does create

And then they just tell you it's what God told them to do
The depression and the wars and the shit hit the fan

“Now take a moment and just look at what is wrong with you
One God, one faith, one jury
Inquisition, persecution they are nothing new
And at the end of the day you bow down and pray”

"Now take a moment and just look at you
Every fucking one of you
Think of all the shit you've been causing
Through centuries and today
The wars, the persecutions, the inquisition
Discrimination based on your religious views
And don't even try to tell me religion is for peace
Because it's not
And even in the 21th century it justifies killing a man"
Track Name: Living Dead Meat
Are you afraid of what you saw my friend?
Zombie, aargh!
You’re gonna die, I am a living dead

That’s right, I’m alive
I’m alive and you cannot hide
That’s right, I’m alive
And I’m going to make you die

And if you even thought that you could run
Blood and gore!
You were wrong, there’s zombies everywhere

Now you’re nothing but a pile of bones
Pool of blood!
This graveyard’s held by the horde of the living dead meat
Track Name: Mute, Blind & Deaf
If you happen to see a murder
If you happen to hear of war crimes
Do you tell all the world?
Or do you just wait in silence like nothing has happened?

Bow down or shout out
This is the time to decide what is right
And Julian Assange should be awarded a Nobel

There are ways to expose the evil
All the shit going on around the world
If you keep it in silence
It's not a way to change or make anything better

Mute, blind and deaf!
Hear nothing see nothing say nothing
Mute, blind and deaf!
You'll always be